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X-Pression RUWA BRAID, the Most Innovative Braid in Nigeria


X-Pression RUWA BRAID, the Most Innovative Braid in Nigeria

Mrs Grace Ejikeme (Marketing Manager) shows the newly Unveiled 3x Ruwa X-Pression braid.


  • X-Pression the leading hair extension manufacturing brand in Nigeria launches an innovative braid product with Fast Dry characteristics -The RUWA BRAID.
  • The New X-Pression Ruwa Braid…a solution to every woman’s challenge in wearing braid hair extension.


It is a well-known fact that X-Pression has always been at the forefront when it comes to creating high quality, trendsetting, innovative and revolutionary hair extensions to satisfy the increasing yearnings of hair extension users in Nigeria and giving them the best value for their money.


X-Pression RUWA BRAID, the Most Innovative Braid in Nigeria


This has been one of the core values of Solpia Nigeria Limited, makers of the X-Pression brand of hair extension since its inception about 25 years ago, and the major reason why X-Pression has become a household name, not just in Nigeria, but across the globe.


Today, we are here to unveil to you a new braid product, the solution to all challenges faced by women who wear braid, top of which is the long-drying-time of their braided hair.

X-Pression RUWA BRAID, the Most Innovative Braid in Nigeria


You will agree with me that the problem of how to go home after a braid hairdo without getting our dress ruined by the wetness of our braid is one problem that every braid user has had to contend with all these years. Well, here’s the good news. With the new X-Pression Ruwa Braid, all it takes is a maximum of 45 minutes for your braids to dry completely after a hot-water-set hairdo. What this means is that you can go directly from the hair salon to an event or an appointment without bothering about the discomfort of the resultant wet dress from your wet braids.


X-Pression RUWA BRAID, the Most Innovative Braid in Nigeria


The New X-Pression RUWA BRAID is water repellent and does not absorb water like other braids in the market. This function makes it possible for the braid to dry very fast compared to other braids.


Another interesting feature of the new X-Pression RUWA BRAID is that it is light in weight compared to other braids. For those who love bulky braid styles, this is good news for you as you can wear as many packs of X-Pression RUWA Braid as you like, without feeling the weight.


X-Pression RUWA BRAID, the Most Innovative Braid in Nigeria


With the new X-Pression RUWA BRAID you can always take a shower, or wash you braids as often as you like; you can go to swim with your braids-on, without the fear of a damaged, itchy, or smelly braid, and rain will no longer be a threat to your braids.


Features of the New X-Pression Ruwa Braid are:

  • Water Repellent: X-Pression Ruwa Braid is resistant to water; it does not absorb water just like other braids.
  • Fast Dry: It dries very fast compared to other braids that wets your dress after hairdo. With X-Pression Ruwa braid, your hair dry within 30 minutes after hairdo.
  • Light Weight: X-Pression Ruwa Braid is lighter in weight compared to other braid products.
  • Hot Water Set: X-Pression Ruwa braid accepts 100% Hot water set for styling, this is possible because the how water set for Ruwa Braid is done by the steam from the water.


X-Pression RUWA BRAID, the Most Innovative Braid in Nigeria


Benefits of X-Pression Ruwa Braid to every woman:

  • Freedom to wash your braids with shampoo while bathing.
  • No more wet cloths after hairdo.
  • No more itchy or smelling hair as you can wash your hair anytime.
  • No more fear of rain spoiling your braid.
  • Freedom to swim with your braids on and uncovered with nylon shower cap.
  • No more fear of sweating because you can easily shampoo your braids.


RUWA in Hausa language means water, and in Swahili language, RUWA means beauty. This means that with X-Pression RUWA, your beauty is guaranteed, no matter the environment, be it in the rain, the pool, or in an event.


X-Pression RUWA BRAID, the Most Innovative Braid in Nigeria


We therefore encourage all woman to try the new X-Pression Ruwa braid and have a change in lifestyle as this braid gives you all comfort you need to enjoy your braided hair. It is also a cash – value – guaranteed product because washing your braid gives you the chance to wear your braid for a longer period.



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