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Wa Naa collaborates with Police to arrest beaters of lovebirds in viral leaked sex tape

Office of the Wa Naa says it will collaborate with the Police to fish out persons involved in the flogging of two adults in an adult leaked tape that has gone viral on social media. on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 reported that two adults were openly flogged after their private affair which was recorded and leaked on social media.

According to residents, the two were fastened to a pole and lashed by a strong man on the orders of traditional authorities who say it is part of the recent bye-laws in the area.

The young lady and the man in question are seen with both legs and hands tied to the pole in front of the Wa Naa’s Palace as they scream each time the horsewhip lands on their backs.

It is unclear how the sex tape believed to have been recorded by both leaked to the public but the footages intercepted by reveal two horny adults who engaged in serious romance before going into the main act.

After several bouts of their sexual escapades, both are captured lying side by side amidst some soothing music while fondling themselves in readiness for another bout.

Residents are questioning the rationale behind their public flogging but some who back the decision of local authorities to apply the ‘Sharia law’, believe it would serve as a deterrent to others.

The elders and some residents were gathered in front of the Palace watching the punishment being meted out to the two while others recorded with their phones the public flogging.

But reacting to the incident, the Wa Naa Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV who is also the Overlord of the Wala Traditional Council has distanced his Palace from the public flogging of a girl and boy at the forecourt of the Palace on Tuesday afternoon.

Through his spokesperson, he has disassociated himself and condemned the floggers of persons seen in a leaked sex video.

According to the Spokesperson, the Wa Naa was not at the Palace at the said time and he was also in school during that period adding that all the Principal Chiefs were not at the Palace at the said time and therefore whoever decided the two should be flogged erred and needs to be arrested and prosecuted.

“Whoever took that decision to have them flogged has erred and must be arrested and brought to book”.

He said the incident has the potential of dragging the image of the Palace into disrepute.






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