June 4, 2023

Disney garden

Two people were banned from Walt Disney World because they got into a fight with another family inside the theme park while taking a picture. The fight happened in front of the 100th anniversary sign at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom.

The “victim family” was posing for a group photo when another larger family entered the frame. A fight broke out when one family asked the other to move so they could take the picture.

One person from the family that was asked to move punched a member of the other family in the face, starting the fight. The police issued a warning to the two people involved in the fight, stating that they are not allowed on the property.

If they return, they can be arrested. Video footage of the fight showed both families throwing punches, and Disney employees called for help. The families yelled and cursed at each other while the workers tried to separate them. One person received medical treatment at the scene. The victim chose not to press charges, and nobody was arrested after the fight.


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