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Threats of Coups: ‘The ballot is stronger than the bullet’ – Frimpong Manso advises

The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church, Ghana, Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong Manso, has expressed worry over the recent conversations surrounding coups in the country.

Sharing his personal experience to buttress his point, he said the devastations that military takeovers have caused countries should never be dreamed of in a country like Ghana and for this reason, he wants the citizenry to continuously push for democratic processes of governance.

According to a report, Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong Manso said this during an interaction with the media at Koforidua after an induction service.


He also expressed concerns about the talks of a possible terrorist attack in the country.

“I cannot speak for the church but I as an individual I am worried because a coup destroys every nation, we have seen it right from the 60’s until 1992, the instability, the sudden changes, killings, anarchy, and lives lost.

“Firing people couldn’t change lives, it couldn’t bring progress, it couldn’t bring development, that’s why we went back to democracy since 1992 or 1993 January 7th, we haven’t got there but gradually we will get there that’s why we change governments, we change MP’s and we change leaders,” he said.

Rev. Prof. Frimpong Manso advised that the best way around the grievances of people, against their governments, would be to resort to the use of the ballot, rather than military actions.

“So, to me, the ballot is stronger than the bullet so Ghanaians should not encourage, should not promote or we should not even bring coup d’état in our national conversation because coups are an abomination, they are detestable and we should treat any coup issues with contempt that they deserve,” he appealed.


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