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They are all dead – Man sadly recounts losing three friends in Apiate explosion

An accident involving a vehicle transporting mining explosives at Apiate on Thursday, January 20, 2022, has led to some 17 confirmed deaths and several injuries as of Friday morning.

Devastated members of the Apiate community continue to face the reality of the effects caused by the resulting explosion from the accident.

Speaking to GhanaWeb’s Western Regional Correspondent, Thomas Tetteh, a victim, Samuel Nii Ashilifi has sadly recounted how he had to endure the sight of three persons known to him being pulled lifeless, out of rubbles following the accident.

“They are three. I was standing right here when their bodies were being removed from under the rubbles. I couldn’t get too close because I couldn’t stand the sight. I saw them being taken away; even Suarez is dead,” he stated as he recalled the name of one his friends.

Throughout the night on Thursday rescue efforts were made first responders, while the community members resorted to salvaging the remains of their properties in the rubbles.

Some of the devastated victims shared the impact of the accident with Thomas Tetteh.

“I’ve lost all my money. Everything has been consumed by the fire. As I stand here now, I don’t even have a cedi on me. My grandmother has been taken to the hospital but I don’t have any money, my entire building has been burnt. The only thing I was able to pick was some fish,” a woman stated.

According to the devastated mother, she was yet to discover the status of one of her children who had gone missing following the accident. She was hopeful of seeing her son alive.

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