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Gay man stabbed by intruder who tried to force him into having sex

A gay man was stabbed by an intruder who tried to force him into sex in Cape Coast, Ghana.


The victim was staying in a rented property belonging to a friend (who was out of town) on 3 July when he was awakened by the sound of someone trying to force his bedroom door open.

After checking outside – only to find nobody there – he was resting on a chair in the bedroom, struggling to fall back asleep.


“While sitting quietly, I saw someone jump from the ceiling into the corridor,” he told the LGBTQ+ group Rightify Ghana.

“It was a man with a small torch light and a pair of scissors. Then I quickly went outside and asked him: ‘What do you want here?’”

The man replied: “I am coming to do gay.”

A struggle ensued after the victim refused to have sex with the man, with the two wrestling until they were outside of the property. The victim desperately shouted ‘thief’ as he pleaded for someone on the street to help him.

The perpetrator fled as two people walked towards them.

“That is when I realized that I was bleeding and saw that he had stabbed me multiple times with his scissors,” the victim recalled.

He blacked out only to wake up at a hospital on Cape Coast. He had suffered multiple cuts across his shoulders and arms.

The victim has since reported the incident to the Kotokuraba District Police Headquarters.


Anti-LGBTQ+ violence is rising in Ghana – and it’s about to get even worse, say activists

Rightify Ghana noted that homophobia is becoming all too common in the western African country, fuelled partly by anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric coming from the government.


In recent times, there have been several attacks on homosexuals in the country.

One group was attacked in Tema years ago whiles celebrating a birthday party for their homosexual friend. The issue rose to the point where the victims were published as wanted by community folks.

One of the active members, Kofi Acheampong was a survivor of this attack and is still on the run of his life.

Kofi Acheampong who was noted to be the leader of the LGBT group in the community currently has his life and that of his family on the line. He was later reported to have fled the country as a result.

Kofi Gay

He has been reported to be on the run and the anti-gay group is still searching for him. According to the Anti-gay group, he will be killed when found or imprisoned because of his bad influence on the community.

Many religious organizations have also joined the fight against and warned the government to desist from tolerating or passing any bill in aid of members of the LGBTQ community.


In 2021, an Anti LGBTQI bill was submitted to parliament for approval to curb the widespread homosexuality in Ghana. The Bill, championed by MP for Ningo Prampram Hon. Sam Gorge is still on hold.

The so-called “Promotion of proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values” bill was widely condemned by the international community and rights activists, drafted by eight lawmakers, mostly from the opposition party.

Nearly 90 percent of Ghanaians said they would approve of a decision by the government to criminalize same-sex relationships, according to research group Afrobarometer using 2014 data. Lawmakers pushing for the bill argue that homosexuality is foreign to Ghanaian culture.


Alex Kofi Donkoh


“If an LGBTQ person is abused by other Ghanaians, and this LGBTQ person goes to the hospital, and then the doctor even treats this person, the bill is criminalizing the doctor. Because this person is an LGBTQ person and you are a doctor and then you have treated the person. So you are in a way also encouraging the LGBTQ community.” Alex Kofi Donkor, LGBTQ+ Rights Ghana director, and founder said in an interview with the media.

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