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Don’t relent your inability to perform on mischief and blame games – NPP Com Dir blast Mp for Kpanda

Earlier this morning, an audio recording of the Member of Parliament for Kpandai constituency responding to the President’s assertion that he is not familiar with the Member of Parliament for Kpandai constituency was made public.

In the aforementioned tape, the honorable member of parliament (Daniel Nsala Wakpal) questioned  “If the President asserts that he is unaware of my status as a member of parliament for the Kpandai Constituency, he is sending a clear message to the members of parliament that his ministers are incompetent to deal with”.

The honorable member of parliament for the Kpandai constituency also remarked about his inability to resolve a number of issues in his constituency as a result of some inappropriate actions taken by the former member of Parliament, Hon Mathew Nyindam. He concluded.


In response to the audio, Kpandai Constituency’s communications director, SHABAN MUMUNI, urged Hon. DANIEL NSALA WAKPAL to rescind claims that the former member of parliament had misappropriated and diverted some projects in the constituency.

According the communicator,  “The revered former Mp, Hon. Matthew Nyindam, was a board member of ECG, through which he had the opportunity to lobby through NDA (Northern Development Authority) for extension of lights to villages like Merce, Agbanjokura, Nkpani, Nasande etc. 

He also personally connected places like Wasawasa, Bola, Dengagam, Basari Kura, etc.”

Prior to the 2020 elections, he continued, the current member of parliament (Hon, Nsala) claimed that the former member of parliament (Hon. Mathew Nyindam) had not helped to connect those communities; rather, it was an unnamed NGO that did so. However, after failing to keep his 2020 campaign promises, he is now blaming the former member of parliament, who he claimed knew nothing about that project.

He confirmed that, contrary to Hon. Nsala’s misguided and dishonest claims, there had been no misappropriation or diversion of projects, hence leaving an unforgettable impression on the decent people of Kpandai.

“We challenge the NDC and their unfortunate MP to take the matter to the audit service or court if they feel something awkward really happened.

The electorate of Kpandai needs results, not mere shenanigans and excuses.” He concluded.

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