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Assemblyman allegedly demolishes bridge, says ‘Good Samaritan’ didn’t seek permission

A bridge constructed by a ‘Good Samaritan’ for use by the people of Mangoase, a suburb of Agona Swedru, has reportedly been demolished by the Assemblyman for the area.

According to reports, the assemblyman for the area caused the demolition of the concrete bridge which was constructed in place of a wooden one on the grounds that the person who financed the construction did not seek permits from the local assembly.

“A young guy, with his own money decided to build a bridge not for himself but for the community to get easy access and can even use their cars on it. The assemblyman of Mangoase, Agona Swedru with the name Pop, demolished the bridge because they (the assembly) didn’t ask my friend Michael Power, to do it and secondly, it is in the plans of the assembly to construct the bridge, so instead of praising this young man for doing a wonderful job, they demolished it. They destroyed the bridge that he has spent thousands of Ghana cedis on. What kind of jealousy, stupidity, senseless and envious attitude is this?” a Facebook user, Nana Cyruz Aboagye shared in a Facebook post.


It is, however, not known if the person who financed the construction truly failed to seek the approval of the assembly before the construction.

However, persons reacting to the news on social media believe the decision to have the new bridge demolished was unnecessary.

“One side of it. But will be happy to hear both sides before any comment. Notwithstanding, it shouldn’t have ended this way regardless!” Oseikroom Moosi wrote in reaction to the report.

Benjamin Ofori also wrote that “it’s true he had to go and see the assembly with a proper design and seek for permit to do it but it didn’t call for the demolishing of the place just like that. It could be temporary until the proper one is done. I bet this will take more than a year to do and wooden slabs will be used again which is more dangerous than the concrete.”

The new and old bridge above with the demolished concrete bridge beneath

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